Enjoy your visit to Dresden in our spacious luxury apartments with exquisite views over the Elbe River Valley. 

Dresden’s most well-known attraction is the historic city centre and its artistic treasures. The Elbe River offers its green meadow banks and naturalistic scenery as it flows through the entire city. The Villa WaldschlösschenBlick is situated directly on the banks of the Elbe River, and is only a 15 minute walk on the Elbe Cycle Route and footpath from the city centre. The dome of the famous Frauenkirche remains in direct view for the entire walk.

If you walk along the bicycle path in the opposite direction, you find the three Elbe Castles. Visit the historic vineyards of the Lingner Castle, or enjoy a gourmet meal on the terrace at Eckberg Castle with its spectacular views. On a clear day, the views can sometimes reach as far as the Ore Mountains. If you continue further, you’ll arrive at the lovely bridge over the Elbe in Loschwitz, known locally as the Blue Wonder. 

If you’re not interested in straying so far from home, the Waldschlösschen brewery is within100m of the Villa WaldschlösschenBlick. They offer hearty meals, home-brewed beer, and live music in a traditional setting and in the warmer months, have one of the most beloved terrace beer gardens in Dresden. The Outer Neustadt is the liveliest part of the city and can be reached by foot in just 10 minutes.